Saturday, 3 October 2009

more painting

These little stools are plant stands from ikea. I've collected them over the years. They've been painted differently at different times, but I wanted to have three the same that I can use together as a coffee table. I painted them all white and used serviettes and modge podge for the flowers.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

beach chair

my latest "garbage" find recycled. I took it apart, cleaned and painted it and sewed a new back. Its a perfect chair for sitting on the balcony with a cup of coffee and a book.

Thursday, 27 August 2009


maybe some of you remember the little red easy chairs. this is one of them now. I added padded and cut out the pieces following the patterns of the red material. used little nails to fasten things together, I wish I had some nicer upholstery nails. 

Thursday, 16 July 2009


on the weekend I visited Lydia and painted her bedroom wall. inspiring to start thinking about what colour I want for my own wall! moving to a different room in a little over a month.
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Tuesday, 2 June 2009


tea and salad on the balcony.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


some pictures taken at the Bergfriedhof on sunday. not thinking about dying though (although I've been sick with whooping cough for three weeks) but more about spring :-)
slowly slowly working on preparing lessons and preparing for my interview tomorrow.

Thursday, 26 March 2009


peanutbutter cookies and coffee. I was at the hairdressers this morning and still feel quite strange when I look in the mirror. I'm not sure what got into me, but there it is :-)
Other than that, all the late night bike rides in the rain seem to be getting to me. At least I'm not actually coughing up blood like in my dream last night.
At the moment I'm trying to find the right words which will hopefully persuade "Der Direktor" that I am perfect for the job. At the same time listening to BBC:
"Time now for one of the Hungarian Dances of which Brahms wrote: they are genuine children of the gypsies, not begotten by me, merely nourished on milk and bread." (??)

Saturday, 21 March 2009

red bricks

its amazing what a bit of shadows and highlights can do. I love the white sky.
pictures taken on the way from an unsuccessful trip to the oude kassa back to the emmalaan.

Friday, 20 March 2009


if you move your cursor over them the fish will follow. try to feed them. haha. reminds me of chinese cuteness.

Monday, 16 March 2009


In Nederland I sewed 15 of these bags. Big plans and dreams of selling them, starting a business enzovoort. Wondering if I really mean "business" or if I'm just going to let them sit here in my closet getting wrinkled..
Maybe the first step is a name? a business needs a name. any suggestions?
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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

dress curtain material

material from Oma: about five metres of turquoise curtain material
this little jacket is still not quite finished, but it matches

and will I ever wear these "interesting" clothes?
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