Sunday, 19 February 2012

Laptop case

With a new laptop comes the challenge of creating a laptop case. A beautiful sweater Frances knit that tragically got shrunk and felted in the wash has been sitting in the attic for years. I've often wondered what I can use it for, would it make a jacket for a 10 year old child? But thats a long time to wait, plus the proportions didn't look like they would work.

For this case I cut out a section from the back and the front and sewed it together. Its a wraparound case that buttons up, using the original buttons but sewing up the buttonholes (I needed a bit of seam allowance along the front in order to add the lining). The lining is an australian cotton print I got from a friend's mother in Brisbane.

I made little loops to hold the buttons in place and sewed up the sides by hand. Its a tight fit but I like it a lot and it keeps the laptop snug and sturdy.

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Ealthodores said...

New laptop eh ??

the case is pretty cool.

yes, when will we have a gimp/inkscape expertise exchange? I think you're probably better with both of those than me by now.